Boston Gets A Grip


Uncle Salty

Written by Steven Tyler and Tom Hamilton

Released in 1975 - "Toys in the Attic" album.

Covered by:
Lead and Background Vocals: Gigi Abraham
Lead Guitar: Sal Baglio
Rhythm Guitar: Mark Jackson
Keyboards: Leriox Hampton
Bass: John Pietrantoni
Drums Kenny Lewis

Recorded and mixed by Kenny Lewis at Mixed Emotions Music in Middleton, MA

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As a 20 year veteran on the Boston music scene you've likely heard Gigi on radio and TV or been to a live show. In the 1990's she recorded a hit single for Columbia Records. This cover version of Alice Cooper's ,"Only Women Bleed" recorded with then band mate,guitarist Joe McGee, as duo,"Favorite Angel" along with producer, John Fannon of the band, New England, became a Billboard Hot 100 single but lost it's bulleted chart position when a reorganization in the A&R department left the group without support from the label.

Today, as a busy studio singer in the commercial market Gigi sings catchy jingles for companies like Cumberland Farms, I Sold My House Dot Com and Subaru and has a voice over career that began as the spokesperson "Jen" from East West Mortgage and continues to grow. She voices projects for a broad range of clients from whacky animations involving singing and character voices for Hasbro to straight narrations for Boston's WGBH and sings for well known area band, Rare Form.

Sal Baglio leads The Stompers

Contact: Gigi Abraham or Kenny Lewis

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