Boston Gets A Grip


Last Child

Written by Steven Tyler, Brad Whitford.

Released in 1976 - "Rocks" album.

Black Number Nine

Aerosmith opened a nightclub on Lansdowne St. Boston, MA. Called "Mama Kin" in the mid 1990's. Black Number Nine was the "House Band". They didn't get fired for over a year. Three sets every Monday night of Muddy Waters, Yardbirds, Originals, hell, whatever they wanted to play. The only thing they wouldn't do was Aerosmith songs. The premise was anyone could sign the list and get up on stage with the house band and rock out in the shotgun room with full swag and maybe the best sound system in town. So, brothers Charlie and Tommy Leger and the boys got to work. Local hero's Skinny Mike (Coffin Lids) and John David (Comedian) were the MC's. Man, what a time everybody had.

Geoff Abraham - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Charlie Leger - Guitars, Harmonica, Wurlitzer, Vox
Tommy Leger - Drums, Vox
Mike Porrier - Bass, Vox
Dave "Chuck" Curran - Keyboards, Vox

And everybody else who graced the stage those smokey wild nights was part of the show. Not to mention the audience who were as much a part of the performance as the band. And more so, the bartenders, barbacks, Tom Dorencamp (Soundman), Noah Clark, Johanna York, Jimi V, security, doorguys and gals, kitchen people, management....we seemed like one big family. Local legends were on hand for the fun. Peter Wolf, Johnny A, Stu Kimbal, Mark Hylander, the list goes on and on. Sports Figures, Hollywood Actors, So many came in to get some action it's hard to remember all the highlights.

About "Boston Gets A Grip" CD the Brain Child of A.J. Wachtel (Journalist Extrordinaire). A.J. got a hold of Fletcher (Rock'N'Roll Giant, Recording Engineer, Producer, Mr. Mercenary Audio Himself), John Kalishes (Producer, Musician, God Rest His Soul, Great Human Being) and David Tedeschi (Legendary Road Manager, Musician, Producer and Inspiration to us All) and asked "Would Black Number Nine to do a song for the Boston does Aerosmith compilation?" They booked time for the band to record "Last Child" at Prophet Sound in Stoughton, MA one afternoon and here you have it. Hope you all enjoy the CD. more to come. Thanks, Charlie Leger.

Black #9 has members of the Fighting Cocks who were managed by the late legendary manager of the group Boston- Charlie Mackenzie.

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