Boston Gets A Grip



Written by Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Desmond Child

Released in 1992 - Get a Grip Album

The Chance Gardner Band

Vocals - Chance Gardner
We did 'Crazy' a la Roy Orbison with Ruby Bird on female vocals (Sky Blues, Bird Mancini) and Glen Watkins (Tavares, Memphis Train) on Hammond B-3 and Bobby Mack(Sam & Dave) on Bass, Forest Padgett on drums and Frank (I'm going back to Berklee)O'Brien on guitar with James Owens & Dorothy Clark on backing vocals at Player Recording in Boston with Ken Player engineering.
Mixdown - Ken & Chance & Glen
Mastering - (((PureSound))) Boston
Re-Mastering - Miami Audio Services



Chance Gardner Band/Chance & the BluesDaddies

Chance's Voice is like 'Gravel in a Silk Bag' and his guitar is 'like John Lee Hooker on Steroids'. Chance learned the blues directly from Bluesmen: Mississippii's "Earring" George Mayweather (J. B. Hutto) and his brother Silas Hubbard Jr. and also guitar showmanship (walking the bar playing guitar behind his back) from famed Blues guitarist Chris"Stovall" Brown in Boston. He even got a guitar lesson in 'Spanish Tuning' from Honeyboy Edwards.
Chance is a prolific songwriter and also performs original Americana and acoustic blues.


2005: 'Live at the Stopwatch' - Chance and the BluesDaddies - Best Blues CD 2006, Hawaii Music Awards.
'Easy Come and Easy Go' - Chance Gardner - Best Folk CD Finalist 2006, Hawaii Music Awards.
2003: 'Deaf Dog Blues' - Chance and the BluesDaddies - Best Blues CD
2004, Hawaii Music Awards. NA HOKU HANOHANO Awards finalist "Best Rock CD of the year". Grammy

1st Round Nominee: Best New Artist, Best Blues Artist.
'A Slack in the Key of Integrity' - Chance Gardner. Best Slack
Key (Hawaiian Folk open tuning) CD 2004 Nominee, Hawaii Music Awards.
2002: 'Live Blues!' - Chance Gardner. Best Blues CD 2003 - Hawaii Music Awards.
'Fate Stepped In' - Chance Gardner. Best Rock CD 2003 - Hawaii
Music Awards. NA HOKU HANOHANO Awards finalist "Best Rock CD of the year".


Chance started out as a singer songwriter. His first professional gig was in 1971 as the opener for the Capricorn Records Scouting Session at Auburn University. His first published song was "Looking in the eyes of Love" recorded by The American Band that next year. Chance opened his first Recording studio "Real 2 Reel" in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974..."Hey, this is boring, let me tell the story, okay?"

" I played a lotta gigs in a lotta tiny stages and then moved on to bigger stages of my life. After many attempts at understanding the "business" in Music
Business, I realized that you have to believe in what you do and not change to follow new trends unless you like them. I moved to Boston in 1980 because life on the road was silly for a new dad and played in the clubs there through to the nineties as 'Chance and the Crashers' and 'Chance Gardner Band'. I worked in Radio at WBCN in Boston for DJ Charles Laquidara, and Production Director Tom Sandman and with other crazies like Billy West. My most fun was having Joe Piscopo sing my song parody of 'Addicted to Love' called 'Addicted to Chuck'(the DJ) as Frank Sinatra with lines like "that coo coo mile". Alright, alright, you had to be there.
The early morning (3AM to Noon) shift was also getting old and so I became a TV Producer. As staff at Cablevision of Boston I learned that biz from the ground up.

My TV mentor was production Manager Bob Tingle. Bob is an Emmy winning producer both in broadcast and cablecast TV. In fact he even won the first Cable Ace award. Hey I got some too. While my series (co-produced with Bob)"Live on Tape" was very popular it was too underground to win awards, but I was called "Boston's Rock Impressario" in print once or twice. The show was Boston local bands live at most of the clubs in town. I received a NECTA award for producing the Summer series "Party in the Parks", a joint venture between Cablevision and the Boston Parks and Recreation Department. Got one for a show that never got taped with Willie Nelson but that's a long story."

Chance is also an accomplished record producer and engineer including Grammy nominee Donald Kaulia's debut CD 'Freehand'.

Contact: Chance Gardner

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