Boston Gets A Grip


Let the Music Do the Talking

Written by Joe Perry.

Released in 1985 - "Done with Mirrors" album.

The Strangemen

The Strangemen are:
Captain Ernest Summertime - vocals
Dick Vitalis a.k.a. Dick Tate - guitars and vocals
Les More - guitar
Johnny Odd - drums

Photo Credit: Thomas Farrington

Now it can be told... The Strangemen, who came ashore from their island world in 1995, brought with them a unique brand to say the least. A psychedelic sci- fi surfabilly send up all awash in reverb from hell, the group rose from the depths of Kenmore Square's legendary Ratskellar to top billing at Lansdowne Street's Axis and Mama Kin. With their trademark mile-high platinum pompadours, silver lame' suits, and vintage accessories, The Strangemen marched Mass. Ave. into Cambridge and the word on street was good. This band rocked!

Upon releasing their one and only disc to date, "Channel 2000'' in 1998, the band began an arduous journey towards the impossible, the inevitable, and completely unbelievable. Opening for such greats as Link Wray, Dick Dale, The Ventures, Jimmy Buffet, Cheap Trick, and The Blue Man Group, The Strangemen performed for over 100,000 fun-lovin' fans of great rock 'n' roll. In a time and place before such luxuries as cell phones and GPS it is truly amazing the group never forgot (well almost never) it's way home back to Boston.

Today, like proud reservists who serve this country, The Strangemen are being called up (literally) to proudly serve the city of Boston, Mass. as it honors Aerosmith, one of america's all-time greatest rock 'n' roll bands with "Boston Get's A Grip.". The Strangemen have flown in the "Aeroforce" for years, even all the way back to the sidewalk on Comm. Ave. in front of B.U. 1972? Viva Aerosmith!

- Captain Summertime

Elite Strangemen Corps: Del Champion, Dean Martini, and Mondo Raceway.
Special thanks to: Aerosmith, A.J., Leon, Warren, Dr. Brown, Amazona, and Eric.
Special guest musicians: Big Ray Futura (guitar), and Magic Dave (bass).

"Let the Music Do the Talking" was recorded by Magic Dave@Magic Basement In the Sky Studios (eh hem) in Arlington, MA. circa 1996 on Pro Tools.

Since "The Strangemen" Dick Tate has been in "The Slaves" and is now in "The Prime Movers".


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