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Back in the Saddle

Written by Steven Tyler, Joe Perry.

Released in 1976 - "Rocks" album.


JADA TRINGALE was born in Medford Massachusetts on October 17 1972.

At the age of eight years old Jada Tringale discovered his love for music he started to play the drums, keyboard, and the guitar. At the age of thirteen, a drum player and recording composer from Medford, MA Joe Pet saw Jada's love for music and showed him his style of playing the drums. This inspired Jada to save up his own money from his paper route to buy his own set of drums and pay for his own guitar lessons next door to Medford Mercury on Salem St.
At the age of fifteen Jada started to write lyrics and poems. At the age of sixteen he wanted to put his talent to work by making instrumental beats and writing lyrics.

When Jada was eighteen years old he came out with three of his own songs; COLOR IS A COLOR, MATCH THE GROOVE, and HEAR WHAT I'M SAYING.
Jada recorded HEAR WHAT I'M SAYIN in 1992 with ANDY PICKHAM AT MORTAL MUSIC in Boston, MA.
He also made a video at ESS VIDEO PRODUCTIONS SOUND STUDIO in Revere, MA.

Jada then started to book himself at clubs as a free act. Jada caught the attention of the Boston nightlife scene with his own style of music. He played in venues like STOCKS & BONDS, SNEAKERS, DESTINATIONS, BOSTON WATERFRONT, and POLYESTERS in downtown Boston.

One night at Destinations nightclub when Jada was performing a producer liked Jada's style and asked him to perform in a club across the street from Destinations called BOBBY'S LOUNGE & NIGHTCLUB. Bobby wanted Jada there at the time because of a friend of Jada, Marky Mark, now known as Mark Walhberg just got signed by Maurice Star and Marky Mark just made his album and did the Calvin Klein photo shoot for them and at the club Bobbys that was an all gay club Jada was caught off surprise and did not know what he walked into and seen Marky Mark in his Calvin Klein underwear on half nude in the photo all over the club walls. Jada noticed it was all men in the club and said "what the f* is this??"

Jada then went up to the producer and said, "I do play in club for free but this one no f*n way."

Jada started to walk out the door and the producer said, "This is how you get heard. The owner is asking you to please come back in."

Jada said, "No, I'm not going back in there."

Then a patron of the club came out and said, "we will pay you one thousand dollars if you can rap better then Marky Mark."

Jada then said, "You're on!

They were throwing roses and dollars up at him on stage he still kept rapping his own music live. Jada sang five of his own songs and two of Marky Mark's. The songs Jada sang that night in the club was MATCH THE GROOVE, HEAR WHAT I'M SAYING, AND SOLDIER and one of them he was going to sing but he didn't because he thought would be a gamble for copy right reasons and that he didn't finish yet and that song was called BOSTON MY HOMETOWN. Jada did do two songs of Marky Mark. (GOOD VIBRATIONS and MONEY MONEY) That night at BOBBY'S in downtown Boston that would be the last time he did Marky Mark's song again. But that was a night to remember for Jada performing for the gay community. Something Jada does not represent but put aside for those people to see them happy.

In 1995 Jada wrote a song and appeared in commercial for a clothing store called SUIT YOURSELF. It hit the cable airways. He then went on with his regular music style.
That same year in 1995 Jada got into a major car accident when a tractor trailer ran on over crushing the top of his car a Pontiac Trans Am. The person behind the tractor trailer left the scene. There were witnesses that got his plate number. As a result of the accident Jada's lung had collapsed and was in a body cast in the hospital for three weeks causing life long injuries.
Today Jada is coming back, in the saddle again.

Jada Tringale recorded the song "Back In The Saddle" in 1996. It was pre-recorded at Oak Groove Studio in Malden, Massachusetts. He then finished the project of the song at Mortal Music Boston, MA. Sound, engineered, and edited by Andy Pickham. Lyrics, music, and instruments created by Jada Tringale.


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