Boston Gets A Grip


Livin' On The Edge

The Polkalotz

Recorded "live" at the 33rd Annual Polka and Metaphysical Convention and Vegan BBQ, on August 15, 1995 in Weymouth MA.
Produced and recorded by Tristan Fabriani in the Rolling Stones mobile truck. NO SYNTHESIZERS!

The Polkalotz are:

Hooten N. Hollerin - Singer
Guiseppe Winkle the 3rd - Tuba
Yngvie Ernesto Jr. - Accordian
TH Dawghaus - Upright Bass
Tyrone T. "Tight" Pahkij - Drum Kit

The band and producer would like to acknowledge and thank the following:

Hyman Rickover, Roy Goode, Steve White, Steve Lillywhite, The Steve Lillywhite Stripes, Paul Lynde, Dick Hertz (from Holden), Crossroads Music, Frank Zappa, E. Bonus Presley, Olga Fukyaselv, the lovely polka ladies who make backstage like home all over the world, Foofi (for the kielbasa), Chuckle Cheeks, Agents 86 & 99, The Rolling Stones, Mackeral Andy, Pete and Re-Pete and most certainly the members of Aerosmith, some of whom have misplaced our phone number, no doubt by accident.


"Livin' On The Edge" written by Stephen Tyler/Joe Perry/Mark Hudson, from the CD "Get A Grip" © 1992 Swag Song Music Inc/MCA Music Publishing/Beef Puppet Music ASCAP.

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