Boston Gets A Grip

It was the last great era of the Boston local music scene. Twenty years ago, and for almost 10 years, as a printed entertainment journalist I would go to 3 or 4 nightclubs per night, 7 days a week, to report on the local music scene. On every night I would see from 3 to 6 bands and would hear many different versions of Beatles songs; and an idea formed and "Boston Does the Beatles" was released. Then came "BoTown Does MoTown", and "Boston Gets Stoned"; produced by the legendary Rolling Stones, Blind Faith and Jethro Tull producer Jimmy Miller.

During the final stages of our last endeavor, Boston Gets A Grip with 19 local bands doing their own renditions of Aerosmith tunes. Mickey O died and I never recovered either the original master tapes or the band info notebook. Very recently, and quite by accident, I re-discovered my own copies of the master tapes and notebook where they had lay hidden for 7 years. Eric Boyer, who has been involved in every project since the beginning, was the obvious choice to take over Mickey O's responsibility, so this long overdue project could finally see the light of day. Fasten your seatbelts.

                                                                                                            AJ Wachtel.